History of ovens

Thanks to our ancestors for developing the oven due to which we are today able to eat bread,pies,buns,pizza and all that. Modern ovens are far more advanced than ever thought. Their temperature can be easily controlled and they do not produce smoke.We think that oven is a simple household machine but it has a great story behind its existence.

Ovens are basically an insulated structure in which heat is regulated and it is used for cooking purpose.
Earliest ovens were in the form of pits in ground in central Europe around 29,000 B.C.

Ovens were also used by cultures of Indus valley and pre-dynestic Egypt. 
Greeks created variety of doughs,loaf shapes,and style of serving bread with other foods.

The technology of ovens advanced over the years from just pits in the earth to microwave ovens. 

Following the Medivial period ovens underwent many changes over time from wood, iron, coal, gas, and even electric. The wood burning stoves saw improvement through the addition of fire chambers that allowed better containment and release of smoke. 
Another recognizable oven would be the cast-iron stove. These were first used around the early 1700s .
At the end of 18th century coal ovens were developed which were more efficient.

In 19th century gas and electric ovens were used which were easy to control and made baking better. The gas ovens were invented in 1820s and electric ovens came in late 19th century. Due to unavailability of gas to many households of the world it was not popular in many countries but in Europe it was used as gas was available there to households same condition was with electric ovens.

The microwave oven was invented by Percy Spencer in 1946. It uses microwaves to excite water molecules to produce heat .



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